FIRE 2019:

Sticks and Stones: Investigating the Belief that Words Can Harm [The Words Can Harm Scale]

ICPS 2019:

Beyond Symptoms: Why Diagnostic Criteria are Not Enough for Network Analysis

Depression Comorbidity: Using Bridge Centrality to Understand Overlap with Other Mental Disorders

Breaking the Assumption of Group Homogeneity in Networks: Partitioning Networks with Machine Learning

Do the Ever-Expanding Definitions of Violence and Trauma Contribute to PTSD?: Evidence for the Trauma Treadmill

Heterodox Academy 2018:
The Trauma Treadmill: A Paradox of PTSD Vulnerability

APS 2018:
Bridge Centrality: Identifying Bridge Symptoms in Psychopathology Networks

ABCT 2017:
Bayesian Networks: A Directed Acyclic Graph Approach to Comorbid OCD and Depression in Adolescents

APS 2017:
A network perspective on comorbid depression in adolescents with OCD

Harvard Mind, Brain, & Behavior Showcase 2017:
Casting a wider net: Towards a complete network model of psychopathology